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Nevada Poker Report July 2018: Revenue Holds As More Poker Rooms Vanish

WSOP August 2017: 63 poker rooms and 603 poker tables September 2017: 62 poker rooms and 598 poker tables October 2017: 61 poker rooms and 572 poker tables November 2017: 62 poker rooms and 580 poker tables December 2017: 61 poker rooms and 562 poker tables January 2018:  63 poker rooms and 568 poker tables February 2018:  64 poker rooms and 587 poker tables March 2018: 62 poker rooms and 567 poker tables April 2018: 64 poker rooms and 595 poker tables May 2018: 62 poker rooms and 688 poker tables June 2018: 62 poker rooms and 683 poker tables July 2018: 60 poker rooms and 694 poker tables The NGCB counted 37 poker rooms and 580 poker tables in Clark County in the month of July. Those numbers are relatively unchanged from last year when there were 37 poker rooms and 596 poker tables in Clark County. Of the $11,966,000 generated at Nevada poker tables in July, a whopping $11,034,000 came from Clark County, which includes the city of Las Vegas. That equates to 92 percent of all poker revenue. Clark County makes up the bulk of Nevada’s poker revenue, and the Las Vegas Strip’s poker rooms make up the bulk of Clark County’s poker revenue.

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